Newspapers and Magazines

Weekday delivery

If you live in Wilstone, Puttenham, Astrope, Gubblecote or Long Marston then on Monday to Friday we can arrange for the newspapers and magazines of your choice to be delivered to your house early in the morning. There is a small extra charge for this service.

Weekday pick-up

Alternatively you can pick them up from the shop but if you want them on a guaranteed regular basis we’d advise you to place an order as we don’t carry many spares.

Weekend pick-up

Pick up from the Shop is the only option we offer on Saturdays & Sundays. Again, ordering is advisable as we usually sell out of ‘spares’ quite quickly.


To change your order or to place a new order, please fill out a newspaper alteration form and take it in to the shop. If you are going to be away, please do let us know.
> Download form [NEEDS A LINK HERE]


We welcome payment by newspaper voucher as well as by cash or cheque.