Visitors from Cheltenham

On Saturday, a car pulled up outside the shop just as Diana was closing up.

‘Excuse me, do you sell Henderson’s Relish?’ the man asked.

‘We do’ Diana replied, rather surprised.

‘Thank goodness, I’ve driven all the way from Cheltenham, you’re the the only stockist south of Sheffield!’

Suffice to say, Diana gave him time to make the vital purchase.  Wow, it must be something quite special – have you tried it yet?

The famous Henderson's

The famous Henderson’s

One thought on “Visitors from Cheltenham

  1. Brian Morgan says:

    A very good morning to the good people of Wilstone….especially to the village shop.
    I should explain that I am Brian Morgan…the man who travelled from Cheltenham to buy your Hendersons relish.
    I’ve only just chanced across you website as I am planning another visit in the spring to buy some
    more bottles. I will, however, check your opening ours more closely as Diana was just locking up
    when I arrived last time.
    look forward to seeing you then!
    Kind Regards. Brian.

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